Google Cloud Platform Updates – Articles (March – April 2015)

I have covered several feature/service announcements on Google Cloud Platform, Android, Web via short blog posts. These posts are published on ProgrammableWeb. These posts covers news on March – April 2015 timeline.

Docker Use Cases

Docker is all the rage of late and it is not easy to comprehend the different areas that you could use it for. It took me a while to understand how it can be applied to my everyday role as a developer and to be frank, I am still learning.

This blog post is a list of use cases that I have found myself applying Docker to and my hope is that it will help you understand it better and trigger your thought processes into using Docker appropriately. Keep in mind that this is not a solution in search of a problem.

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Google Compute Engine : Load Balancer In Action

This week I introduced Google Cloud Platform to a select group of individuals. I wanted to show them the “Operational Simplicity” of the platform vis-a-vis the other IaaS providers.

I read an excellent book on Google Compute Engine (GCE) recently, which is a great tutorial on the various services available in GCE. I strongly recommend the book. One of the examples there was of a Load Balancer in Action, where the authors demonstrated spinning up a couple of Virtual Instances, setting them up with a Apache Web Server and then bringing them down and up again to demonstrate how the Load Balancer works. I thought that would be a great demo to show and full marks to the authors, I just went through the script but I did a little bit more, which I want to share with everyone.

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How To : Sample Class Setup for Introducing Google Compute Engine to Students

I recently had the opportunity to introduce first-time Cloud Computing students to a first-hand experience of what it means to work with a IaaS Provider.


The goals of the hands-on session was the following:

  • Provision a Virtual Machine for each of the students.
  • Allow the students to SSH into their respective VMs.
  • Deploy one of the following:
    • Apache Web Server with a web site
    • Node.js application
  • No installing any tools/runtimes on the participant machines. A browser is all they have.

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