Docker Tutorial Series

Unless you have intentionally decided to block any news around software in your social feeds, it is likely that you have heard about Docker.

I have written a few posts around Docker and how you can get started with it, but those were more from the point of selecting an OS to learn Docker and so on. Nothing about the details. In the meanwhile, there are tons of excellent resources available to learn Docker from scratch and I have been lucky to read those resources and learn from them.

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Docker Machine #Tip : SSH into the Docker Machine

With the release of the Docker Toolbox, the recommended practice now is to use the docker-machine utility to set the environment for the Docker Machine that you want to target. Then you can use the docker client to run commands against the machine.

This is well and good. But if you prefer that you are inside the shell of the Docker Machine, you could directly ssh into it and run your commands there. The docker-machine client has a ssh command that you could use as follows:

docker-machine ssh <machine-name>

Let us take an example. On my machine, I have the following 3 Docker machines setup:

docker-machine ls
default virtualbox Running tcp://
dev virtualbox Running tcp://
machine007 virtualbox Running tcp://

Now, instead of using the docker-machine env command, I want to directly SSH into say the dev machine.  Just do the following:

docker-machine ssh dev
 ## .
 ## ## ## ==
 ## ## ## ## ## ===
 /"""""""""""""""""\___/ ===
 ~~~ {~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~ / ===- ~~~
 \______ o __/
 \ \ __/
 _ _ ____ _ _
| |__ ___ ___ | |_|___ \ __| | ___ ___| | _____ _ __
| '_ \ / _ \ / _ \| __| __) / _` |/ _ \ / __| |/ / _ \ '__|
| |_) | (_) | (_) | |_ / __/ (_| | (_) | (__| < __/ |
|_.__/ \___/ \___/ \__|_____\__,_|\___/ \___|_|\_\___|_|
Boot2Docker version 1.8.1, build master : 7f12e95 - Thu Aug 13 03:24:56 UTC 2015
Docker version 1.8.1, build d12ea79

Now go ahead and run your docker <command> directly from the shell prompt. You can type exit anytime to return back to your environment.

Docker Toolbox Setup – Windows

With the release of Docker 1.8, Windows users who have been learning Docker using Boot2Docker VM Tool, need to learn a few new concepts to get their environment in place for their Docker learning journey.


The guide below presents how to get the Docker Toolbox Setup on Windows and the general concepts behind Docker Machine, so that if you have been familiar with Boot2Docker before, your journey is a smooth. If this is what your first time installing the Docker toolchain on your Windows box, then you have come to the right place too!

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Docker : Learning Resources

This is a collection of resources that have been helpful to me in learning Docker. I would not be anywhere without them and wish to thank every single contributor to these resources.

In no particular order of preference:

Docker Tutorial Series : Part 6 : Docker Private Registry

This is part 6 of the Docker Tutorial Series.

In this part we shall take a look at how you can host a local Docker registry. In an earlier part, we had looked at the Docker Hub, which is a public registry that is hosted by Docker. While the Docker Hub plays an important role in giving public visibility to your Docker images and for you to utilize quality Docker images put up by others, there is a clear need to setup your own private registry too for your team/organization.

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