ProgrammableWeb – My Articles – October 2010

My writings for for October 2010:

  1. LinkedIn’s Javascript API Aims to Spread Platform Adoption
  2. The Search for the Value of Data
  3. World Bank Challenges Developers to Solve Real World Problems
  4. Power Your Data Synchronization Apps via Simplenote API
  5. Shortcut Your Way to Prizes in the API Contest
  6. The Twitter ID Shuffle: Text vs Numbers
  7. App Engine Adds Admin Tools for Better Visibility
  8. Yahoo BOSS V2: Details on the Post-Microsoft Paid Search API
  9. Q&A With USA Today on Newspaper’s API Launch
  10. Street Apps Winners Showcase Mobile Finance
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About rominirani

Google Developer Expert Cloud 2014. Harnessing the power of software by learning, teaching and developing simple solutions. I love learning about new technologies and teaching it to others.
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