Google Cloud Platform Updates – Articles (March – April 2015)

I have covered several feature/service announcements on Google Cloud Platform, Android, Web via short blog posts. These posts are published on ProgrammableWeb. These posts covers news on March – April 2015 timeline.

Google Compute Engine : Load Balancer In Action

This week I introduced Google Cloud Platform to a select group of individuals. I wanted to show them the “Operational Simplicity” of the platform vis-a-vis the other IaaS providers.

I read an excellent book on Google Compute Engine (GCE) recently, which is a great tutorial on the various services available in GCE. I strongly recommend the book. One of the examples there was of a Load Balancer in Action, where the authors demonstrated spinning up a couple of Virtual Instances, setting them up with a Apache Web Server and then bringing them down and up again to demonstrate how the Load Balancer works. I thought that would be a great demo to show and full marks to the authors, I just went through the script but I did a little bit more, which I want to share with everyone.

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How To : Sample Class Setup for Introducing Google Compute Engine to Students

I recently had the opportunity to introduce first-time Cloud Computing students to a first-hand experience of what it means to work with a IaaS Provider.


The goals of the hands-on session was the following:

  • Provision a Virtual Machine for each of the students.
  • Allow the students to SSH into their respective VMs.
  • Deploy one of the following:
    • Apache Web Server with a web site
    • Node.js application
  • No installing any tools/runtimes on the participant machines. A browser is all they have.

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