Docker Machine to control Docker Hosts on Google Cloud

You need to install Docker on the Virtual Machine in your preferred cloud. You provision an instance, SSH into it, install Docker, pull down the relevant images, etc. The steps are more or less similar on most public cloud providers and often you are just dealing with the mechanics of using their cloud console applications and getting this to work. Of course, if you have scripted your way through this, that is fantastic.

But what if there was a single client that you could run from anywhere to setup/control all these Docker hosts across cloud providers. Well that is what Docker Machine aims to do. It is part of the Docker Toolbox that has made available recently and key among them are the standard docker client and a utility named docker-machine that you can use to “create Docker hosts on your computer, on cloud providers, and inside your own data center.”

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Running Slackalytics on Google Compute Engine

Slack is an excellent messaging medium for teams and I have been part of teams that have been using it successfully for a while now. My interest in Slack is more along its API and Bots that we can write to customize it to our needs.

Nico Miceli, Google Developer Expert for Analytics, recently wrote a blog post titled Slackalytics, that was of particular interest to me. In the words of the author, Slackalytics is a Bot that is configured in your Slack Channel that can analyze the text messages and send this data over to Google Analytics, all in real time. How cool is that.

To summarize the blog post, you can add an Outgoing Hook to your Slack Team that will monitor each text message and it will currently analyze the text message for number of words, emoticons, question marks and more. This data will be pushed into Google Analytics (Custom Dimensions and Metrics).

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Google Cloud Platform Updates – Articles (March – April 2015)

I have covered several feature/service announcements on Google Cloud Platform, Android, Web via short blog posts. These posts are published on ProgrammableWeb. These posts covers news on March – April 2015 timeline.