Go Language Study Group – An Analysis

Last year, I was part of an online Go course conducted by Satish Talim. One of my colleagues Prashant Thakkar too was part of this course. While we had been dibbling and dabbling a little bit with Go, this course acted as a catalyst to cement our interest in Go, take our knowledge to the next level and in return give back to the community via a similar exercise and moving forward, even formal training.

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Focus and Non-Focus Tech Areas for 2016

Given the nature of my job, it is important that I identify areas that I would be paying special attention to understand them in more depth. The choices have been made given a combination of both my interest, some general indications that I get from various sources and my gut feel (which also gets a significant weightage).

The fact that we have to make use of our available time to do other things in life too means that I must drop some items off my Tech Radar. This is important so that I can use my time judiciously.

My definition of paying special attention too includes searching on a daily basis for articles on that topics (Twitter is my main source that leads me out to the sites and then on to the hyperlink world) and trying out hands-on, making notes, making presentations, conducting professional training on them and more. My definition of “dropping the item” means that I will give cursory glances to that tech, read up on articles that still catch my interest but I won’t be doing too much hands-on, talks and so on. Ofcourse, everything is subject to a bit of change and we need to be flexible.

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Delhi #OddEven

When I first heard about the Delhi Government’s plan to try out the #OddEven formula for vehicular traffic, the only thing that I thought of was that they want to try something and see what happens. This has to be the attitude of any governing body now in India, whether at State Level, City Level, Ward Level, etc.

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Mumbai Monsoon – Calling All Developers Now!

The rains in Mumbai last week have once again showed why BMC and all its citizens have miles to go before we can truly call this a well managed city. This blog post is not an attempt to finger point but a sincere appeal targeting all like-minded people to join together in creating a series of applications that truly utilize digital services in delivering contextual and timely information about our Monsoon.

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IoT Projects Showcase

We had an event in our office (Xoriant) last week where any group of employees could come together and put up a stall. The stall could be a game, some food stuff or any other skill you want to show case. In a technical company, these events are usually a channel to utilize some of your other ideas, interests and talents …. and in most of the cases, people usually do that in non-technical areas.

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